Thursday, December 27, 2012

South Africa may be ahead of the US legally on equal rights

Bill Keller has an op-ed in the online New York Times (just digital, not print – although one subscription can cover both) “Out in Africa”, about the legal climate in South Africa toward gays.  The link is here

The social climate in America is better, he says (although the school bullying problem remains), but the legal climate in South Africa has turned around completely on recognizing equal rights, especially to marry, back in 2005.

Much of the rest of Africa is horrible, he says.  And be blames a minority of American evangelicals for inflaming the legislative situation in Uganda.

He is also critical of President Obama for his “willingness” to leave gay marriage to the states. Back in the 1990s, that might have been seen as progressive (even as DOMA was passed).  Times can change relatively quickly.  It took 17 years for Bowers v. Hardwick to be reversed.  

I remember back in 1980 that Rev. Joan Wakeford jointed MCC Dallas (Metropolitan Community Church of Dallas, then in its older building on Reagan St. in Oak Lawn) as an associate pastor (joining Rev. Don Eastman), from South Africa.  That was seven years before the film "Cry Freedom" would appear.  Wakeford's own message could be quite demanding.

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