Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marine Corps protects gay spouses at (military base) clubs

The Washington Blade (and other gay media) are reporting that the Marine Corps is now banning anti-gay discrimination at clubs for spouses, in this story by Chris Johnson in the Jan. 13 issue, link here

The picture in the Blade article of grunts doing pushups in Basic is rather humorous.  Just look at the picture and see what you notice.

Nobody will ever know if all the Seal Team 6 members in the “pawn storm” against Osama bin Laden (and his “castled position”) were straight.

Back in 1993, when the debate on gays in the military was starting, remember that Commandant Mundy didn’t want to let married men enlist either.  They didn’t want gays, and they didn’t want straights.
I'm also reminded now also of the Army Navy Club in south Arlington VA (not so far from Freddie's Beach Bar). Twice in the 1990s I was invited there (with my Mother) for Easter and Mother's Day dinners.  It seemed so exclusive. And it seemed odd to be there, given the politics of the times. 
Last night I went to Remington’s (near Capitol Hill, in SE Washington DC, a block from the Orange Line Eastern Market) , for variety.  This was a Latin music show for the dance floor, reminding me of a street fair in El Paso, Texas the first weekend of 1979 (while I was moving to Dallas).  The color lights display came not from Christmas, but from the 1996 movie “Lone Star”. 

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