Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Eve: Did people who should be working for all of us go clubbing? (Those Republicans)

Town DC was already packed when I got there, about 10:30 New Years Eve.  There were a couple of familiar people from other sectors of my life.   (By the way, it’s hard to avoid mistaken identities with Metro Weekly party and bar photos. There is a lot you can do to a picture.)  I also think there were some Republicans  (yes, at Town)  playing hooky from a House vote on the Fiscal Cliff.  The House adjourned tonight so that members of Congress could go out and club, just as they did Sunday night to go to the Redskins’s game (or at least watch it).  The Senate (whose members are too old for clubbing) stayed in session and did its job.

Everybody got angels’ halos after Jan. 1 arrived.  Maybe that’s a sign of eternal life, never growing old, being able to make journeys to other planets.  In fact, one of the partygoers notice that the inside of the disco strobe lights looked exactly like the innards of Travis Walton’s UFO back in 1975.

After midnight, the Town had a brief dance show upstairs, with the Dance Camp.  The "Ladies of Town" did the opening drag show downstairs.  No football scores were announced, and no Cliff votes were mentioned either. 

When I got back to Ballston Garage, a couple needed a jump start.  That’s the first time I’ve done this in thirty years/  The fifty year old cables, from my mother’s old car, really worked.  Maybe that’s good karma.
Anderson Cooper stayed in NYC at Times Square, but he had a cohost broadcast New Years from Key West, from Duval Street.   Been there once myself, in 1986.  I have a feeling that Anderson likes Duval Street. 

They played "America the Beautiful" in Times Square tonight right after the ball dropped.  

Wikipedia attribution link for Key West Picture

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