Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The new conversation about marriage (and respect for it)

Despite her recent column opposing allowing women to serve in all combat jobs, Kathleen Parker writes today that “same-sex marriage can help save the institution”, link here

Parker writes about the change in position by David Blankenhorn from the “Institute for American Values”, from opposing same-sex marriage on its face, to asking “How can we save marriage?” 

The button for it is “Marriage: A New Conversation”, as on the IAV website here

There are many interesting talking points on his list.  A couple of points deal with the correlation between the permanence of marriage and wealth.  In fact, it is very interesting that he wants to emphasize the “inequality” aspects of the marriage debate, which would seem to relate to the loss of disposable income when people raise children, as well as the growing “burdens” of eldercare because of demographics, which no one can escape just by abstinence.

There is a cultural question, too. How do people correlate their relationships – the keeping an intimate interest in another person during difficulties and challenges – with their own sense of self-concept built by their own efforts outside of marriage  (or preceding it) – which depends on “luck” more than we want to admit.

The IAV above “Can we talk rather than shout about gay marriage?: The Conversation”.   

I see that the New York Times also has a story by Mark Oppenheimer, "In shirt, activist enlists same-sex couples in pro-marriage coalition", link here. The article talks about the difficulty in "raising money" for moderate positions that actually would encourage marriage and reinforce external respect for the institution. 

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