Monday, February 11, 2013

Ohio principal of Catholic school forced to resign for supporting gay marriage on personal blog

An assistant principal of a Catholic high school in Cincinnati, Ohio was fired  (or forced to resign) by the archdiocese after he spoke up for same-sex marriage on his own personal web page. 
The principal is Michael Moroski, and his press release and original blog post are here

The Catholic Church has often disciplined employees and clergy for speaking out on their own about anything, even on personal blogs or social media. 
The Vatican has long maintained that the teaching of the Church restrict the experience of sexuality to circumstances that are “open to procreation”. In recent years, it has been more willing to consider homosexual orientation as biologically driven, but it maintains that everyone must make his own personal sacrifice for the good of the community. 

I have related on my main "BillBoushka" blog before (July 27, 2007) how I eventually lost a substitute teaching job over a gay-related screenplay on my own personal site.     

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