Tuesday, February 05, 2013

TWT editorial makes connection between Boy Scouts and military

I found an editorial at the Washington Times, Jan, 31, 2013, "The Gay Scouts of America: Pledge to keep 'morally straight' is threatened".  The editorial makes a comparison to the lifting of "don't ask don't tell".  Of course, not many mainstream media outlets have wanted to suggest a connection (in terms of psychology and setting examples) between military personnel policy and BSA policy, but it's always been obvious that the anti-gay values of the past in both the military and BSA have a lot in common.  That is, a worldview that says that people must conform to the demands of society in fulfilling (with some degree of risk and self-sacrifice) some expectations of gender roles.

The editorial, in fact, mentions that the "Boy Scouts, like the military, is all about character formation" and later "President Obama eliminated the requirement for straight conduct in the Armed Forces."  Note how that can be read:  from real men and real women, even abstinence may not be good enough.

The link for the editorial is here

It is true that there are some "practical" issues about "political correctness" and "corporate donations" in the minds of some people.

I've been concerned that there are "moral" issues for those who are "different":  some of us are challenged to make our "difference" relevant to meeting the real needs of others in a "eusocial" community (including the need for sharing in real  but often unseen sacrifice at times).  Suddenly, though, when homosexuality comes up, it become a proxy for all the (other) moral questions about the human heart.  The tone of the TWT editorial sounds like "moral character" is all about "growing up straight" -- the title of a notorious 1968 book by Peter Wyden.  

Update: Feb. 10

The national BSA in Dallas says it will not vote on the measure until May, 2003.

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