Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don't forget about ENDA

Ruth Marcus has a valuable perspective on ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) in an article on p A19 of the Washington Post, “Gays and the right to work”, link here.  

ENDA, as I recall, was introduced in the spring of 1993, and has never gotten far, which may seem surprising given the eventual lifting of the ban on gays in the military (DADT repeal) and a rapid “sea legs” change in gay marriage.  Marcus presents some studies regarding resume contents (mentioning LGBT volunteer activities) and interview callbacks, and show that the experience is better for LGBT people in coastal or other blue states than in the south and some of the Midwest, where legal protections are absent or weak.  It would be interesting (and disturbing) to extend the study to contents of social media of applicants.
And the GOP is rapidly learning that it doesn’t pay to just remain the party of required social conformity.
Even the new Pope Francis will have to deal with this.  Comments about his social views are mixed, as there is some evidence of moderation or equivocation in private.  
Religious leaders often do look for specific prescriptions (or prohibitions) in scripture, which cannot be imposed on “non-believers” (although most conservative religions try).  It seems clear to me that “nature”, or theoretical physics, seems to presuppose an obligation to support other generations, including new life – because “renewal” is the only answer physics has to entropy.  That idea of responsibility for others doesn’t wait up for getting someone pregnant.  

Argentina was the first country to approve gay marriage in South America, according to a NY Times article.  

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