Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Major shooting spree in DC puts new (wrongful) pressure on clubs

Some people are calling for closing down of nightclubs in the North Capitol Street area after a drive-by shooting spree early March 11 injured about 13 people, about a mile and a half north of the Capitol. 
It is quite possible that the spree is gang-related and has nothing to do with the clubs, although the spree occurred as many people left.  None of the clubs involved are “gay” clubs as far as I know.
Still, it is of concern that as “gentrification” of many of the older areas of Washington DC occur, some people want to blame the presence of the clubs.  A number of major gay clubs are located in the now trendy U-Street area (about one mile from the site of this latest incident), again gentrified by real estate development in the past ten years.  Violence has been (perhaps incorrectly) attributed to some of the “straight” clubs in the area, as discussed before. Gentrification and condo real estate development will continue:  the H Street corridor in NE Washington will be next (it lacks a Metro stop, though).  Low income people are pushed out, and there are bound to be issues regardless of clubs.  

Disagreements (sometimes, in recent months, over photography)  do occur in bars when people have consumed alcohol, and in my experience, 99.9% of them settle without incident.   Gay clubs rarely have violent incidents in any city, as far as I can tell.   It’s the “.1%” that puts everyone in jeopardy.  

Update: More recent media reports indicate that there was a fight at a Capitol Street club.  That isn't good news. 

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