Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day and 80s music mix in the clubs

Town Discotheque in Washington DC featured 79s, 80s and 90s music in its upstairs dance floor for its Saint Patrick’s weekend party.
The crowd was very large, had a lot of new faces, and seemed really into the older music.  I think a lot of patrons would like to see 80s music every week.  Included on the menu were “Dancing Queen” and “Macho Man”.  The latter song, from the late 1970s and the Village People, would seem to carry a curious and disturbing irony during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980. “In the Navy” would be popular in the 1990s when Clinton started to apply pressure to lift the ban on gays in the military.

The 80s music made me feel that I was back in Dallas. In the 80s, the Village Station, on Cedar Springs, with its balcony,was the largest dance floor (after the Old Plantation was "ruined").  Across the street, Magnolia's became the Roundup (much larger than Remingtons in DC).  The VS is now the Station 4, and moved a few doors down toward dowtown.  Perhaps one could step outside the Town, get swept by a tornado, and wind up on Cedar Springs.  That's how it feels.   
The U Street area continues with its growing pains, adding new condos and businesses (there is a new Pizza place next to Town).  The nearby 930 Club seeks to get more national attention for the performers it attracts.  At the same time, as with any gentrified area which has undergone sudden real estate development (from having been part of the post-1968 inner city at one time), troubling security problems remain.   The H Street area in NE will develop in a similar way, as did the area around Nationals Park. 
80s music has its own following in major cities, especially in mixed and “straight” clubs.  For example, the Culture Club on 39th Street in Manhattan features it. 

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