Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DC Front Runners reports all its people in Boston are OK

DC Front Runners is reporting on its website that all of its runners are safe and no one is injured (link) .  The was a question about it on the Washington Blade twitter feed today.
I often “walked” with the Runners in the 1990s.  On Saturday mornings, we would meet at P St and 23rd, and run-walk through Rock Creek Park (walkers stopped at the tunnel).  Outdoor lunch would follow.  Tuesday nights, we would go along the Potomac waterfront and cross Memorial Bridge.  IN the winter, on Tuesday nights, we would meet at Union Station and go down to the Mall. 

Until the early 1990s, there was an umbrella organization called "DC Sports" which sponsored a variety of LGBT sporting activities (including softball, kickball, etc) and one or two annual evening events at sports and fitness clubs.  The group broke disbanded into its components groups around 1993 as I recall.  

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