Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food and Friends holds "Dine Out for Life" fundraisers across Washington area

Today, I had evening dinner at Busboys and Poets, as part of the Food and Friends “Dine Out for Life” fundraiser. At a large number of restaurants in the Washington DC area (most of them in the City) Food and Friends was to be awarded 25% of the bill. The link for the event is (website url) here
I did volunteer for Food and Friends in 1990s.  At that time, it was located in SE Washington, on the Waterfront.  At that time, a much larger portion of the food deliveries were to gay men with AIDS than is the case now.  A few times, I drove for delivery runs.  The group has moved to NE Washington to a large facility.  I did a driving assignment on December 26, 2011.
The restaurant has a “library”, and community tables where people who don’t know each other can meet.  It also has a “Fair Trade” or barter facility.  (That makes me think of bitcoin, but that’s another “libertarian” topic.)
It was a very diverse gathering.  I think there was one male couple raising children.

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