Thursday, May 09, 2013

New York State agency helps provide care of elder LGBT people; two documentary films on LGBT elders appear

LGBT elderly people in some parts of New York State have a new resource, HCR Home Care, which has been set up in conjunction with the Gay Alliance of the Genessee Valley, as related in this Washington Blade story May 1, here

The local Gannett "Democrat and Chronicle" has a story (paywall) (website url) here

LGBT eldercare is slowly gaining attention in the media. On my movies blog, on Sept. 24, the Arlington Agency for Aging (VA) screened the documentary film “Gen Silent” (by Stu Maddox), which is reviewed on my Movies blog at that date.

And the Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore will screen “Before You Know It” by P. J. Raval, about three aging gay men in different towns.  This wasn’t convenient right now, but I put it in my Netflix Save queue. I don’t yet know whether material in these two films overlaps. The film showed at SXSW.  I don’t see a DVD purchase site yet, but I hope it shows up soon for home viewing (possibly with Logo?) 

LGBT people are likely to wind up caring for parents or other relatives; older LGBT may lack the experience having raised families of their own when they are “forced” into this filial duty,  

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