Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senate blocks same-sex access in immigration bill

Senate Democrats allowed a provision that would grant visa privileges to same-sex couple partners (legally married in other countries) to be removed, to appease Republicans and get a bill passed. Of course, gay activists are outraged.  David Nakamura has a story in the Washington Post Thursday May 23, p. A3, here

The story has a video report. 

The president has warned that it may not be possible to get all progressive ideas passed on this bill.  But why is this so much harder than was lifting DADT?
There is a possibility that if the Supreme Court invalidates DOMA (completely, not just procedurally) in June, that the way for same-sex partner immigration would be opened automatically anyway. 

Picture:  Ballston Common Mall picture of a Chick-fil-A ad for "tailgating", whatever that means.  For the Libertarian Part\y, the word applied to a technique for getting signatures during ballot access petitioning. ABC's "The View" has explained that "chicken" has become a "stereotyping" food because it was the only livestock slaves were allowed to raise before the Civil War.  That sounds like an interesting paradox.   

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