Monday, June 24, 2013

As Pentagon prepares for Pride, NYTimes reports on sexual assaults on males in military

Shortly after the gay media proudly announced that new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will speak at the Pentagon’s pride meeting, the New York Times runs a story by James Dao, “When victims of military sex assaults are men”, link here. Women are much more likely to be victims, but there are fewer of them.  Quantitatively, there are more “attacks” against men, according to the article.
The Washington Times (previously snarky on the subject) has a front page article by Rowan Scarborough, “Military gives a salute to Gay Pride Month: Messages sent to commands”, link here. TWT reports that the Pentagon will offer military ID cards to same-sex partners on Sept. 1. 

I was “propositioned” once in Basic training at Fort Jackson in 1968, near the end of BCT, after I had gotten out of Special Training Company (as I recall).   It was obviously an exercise of power and control.  The rebuffed the advance, and it went away.  Had the person pursued it, I would have been blamed.  There were a couple of whimsical advances at Fort Eustis in the old eyebrow barracks building in 1969.  But about a month before I was to get out, the second in command of my unit (a full colonel) called me in an made an advance, putting a hand on the thigh.   He was happily married with kids.  They always are.  

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