Sunday, June 30, 2013

CA gay marriage challenged already; debate takes on existential nature

As I watched the drag show at Town DC last night, buzz spread on the floor about a CNN story that “conservatives” had filed a motion to undo the Ninth Circuit’s lifting on the stay on same-sex marriages in California, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision Wednesday, story by Greg Bothelho here
The crowds was typically festive, with a birthday dance contest (three rounds, by audience voice applause vote), and the playing of “Nine to Five” in one of the drag dances.  Apparently someone at Town had seen the film “Inequality for All” at AFI Docs last weekend (movies blog, June 23), where the theme song from the 1980 comedy is used during the credits.

On Fareed Zakaria today, Andrew Sullivan appeared, in order to comment on the Court’s action last week.  He said that freedom requires that we “tolerate the intolerant” and not throw back buzzwords (like “bigot”) in their faces.
Again, how does this whole debate go?  Society needs to get certain things done (raising the next generation, taking care of the old one).  It doesn’t like distractions or complications.  If you offer full equality for gays in everything (overcoming the “ick factor” as explained by actor Georg Takei on p B5 of the Washington Post Sunday June 30, link)  it’s arguably more “complicated” to offer an optimum intimate environment for raising children in a socializing environment.  If you don’t, you can leave gays alone with “privacy” (as we learned to do gradually during the past forty years), but inevitably you have to demand interpersonal sacrifices from them like everyone else – living in any community requires unpredictable sacrifices.  Without legal recognition of their rights and relationships, they (or “we”) are much more affected when tough times come – we go to the back of the line.  It’s about a lot more than equal benefits for couples – although the point of the shaming of the children of gay couples., as Justice Kennedy noted, is very well taken.

Above: last night’s festivities. 
Bottom: Palm Springs, CA, 2012

Update: July 1

The Supreme Court is reported to have turned down a request to intervene in the Ninth Circuit's lifting of its stay.  

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