Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Charm City" holds Gay Pride Parade,High Heels Race, Block Party, amid criticisms from past

Baltimore, “The Charm City”, held its Gay Pride parade and Block Party Saturday, June 15 (a date that in my distant past always sounded like the last day of school).  

Amid public criticisms of the clutter and possible past  underage drinking (which is very hard to stop, given the prevalence of fake id's), there were more uniformed police officers there this time than before, even inside the Hippo afterward.  There was no  outdoor dance pavilion t the end of Eager Street.

I actually went down Charles Street to the Tapas Bistro and to the Charles Street cinema and came back about 9.

The Hippo was interesting.  In the back room, in karaoke, someone sung “I was born that way.”  The dance floor was hopping early, by 10 PM.

Not so many people distracted by cell phones.  The Orioles had lost late that afternoon.

At the very end of the parade, there was a High Heels Race at  the  corner of Charles and Eager.

It is true that during the Block Party, the street space is very crowded.  There are barricades, which make it hard to get around to the direct dance floor entry for the Hippo.

Note: Millionaire recently asked a question about identifying the "Charm City". 

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