Wednesday, June 05, 2013

CNN reports substantial transgender presence in US military on Piers Morgan

On Tuesday night, June 4, 2013, I heard a comment on Piers Morgan CNN by  a guest that there were a  substantial number of transgendered personnel in uniform, including officers, in the United States military.
This sounds improbable, and the topic may have come up in conjunction with the Bradley Manning trial at Ft. Meade (in conjunction with Wikileaks and Julian Assange), or because of the renewed focus on sexual harassment of females by males in the military.  There are proposals in Congress to take prosecutorial discretion for sexual assaults in the military away from commanders to avoid conflict-of-interest.
In 1993, when Scott Peck (the son of a Marine Corps officer) hosted a radio show during the debate on Bill Clinton’s proposal to lift the military ban, there was a transgendered guest who had been forced to leave the Navy after fifteen years, but who kept essentially the same job in Naval intelligence as a civilian, just after the Persian Gulf War.
During that period, Fran Kameny also appeared on the Sunday night radio show and discussed the rapidly improving (then) picture in security clearances for civilian employees.  

Picture: NSA grounds. 2008

Update: June 7

Kristin Beck, former Navy Seal and mow M-F transgender, appeared on CNN tonight on AC360 and apparently will appear Monday.

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