Saturday, June 01, 2013

NBC examines the myths of "gay affluence"; Capital Pride approaches

Barbara Raab, senior producer of NBC news, has an interesting story about the “myths” of gay affluence.
Since the 1980s, or particularly in the 1990s, there has been a common belief that, despite unfavorable tax treatment and disadvantages in combining income, gays have more disposable income because they have fewer responsibilities for children.
But that is likely to be offset by increasing responsibilities for eldercare.

And more families, as time goes by, have same-sex couples as parents.
In the past, white gay males have indeed been more affluent than gay females or any gay people of color.  

While “married men” earn more than singles, as a whole, because “they have to”., there are so many exceptions and individual variations as to make the statistics rather meaningless.
But employers, especially in salaried exempt positions, sometimes took advantage of the idea of getting single people “for a discount” and expecting more sacrifice from them for the benefit of “families with children”.  But, again, this is widely variable.  In some places, everyone is very accountable strictly for his own work.
The NBC link is here

I visited Town DC last night; hadn’t been on a Friday night  (18+)t for a long time;  it seems now that the public has to get there before 9 PM to take advantage of Bear Happy Hour;  admittance is closed until 10.  This time, got a front seat for the “show”, but I only tip when I see some creativity in the dance numbers.  Audience participation is always more interesting.  Crowd built up healthfully upstairs quickly after 11. 

I wonder if the stage can hold a grand piano.  But the Club-930 is nearby if not 
Here’s a question.  Are tattoos (“body art”) more popular now?   It seems so, at least slightly. I grew up in conservative times and always saw them is inherently disfiguring.    Last week, Cobalt-DC used an “illustrated man” as cover art for an online ad for an event.  Not sure that this would work, at least from a viewpoint of attracting guests.  
Pride DC’s main event takes place next weekend.   Weather may be unsettled, according to 10 day forecast.  And it will be so tomorrow, but settle down for the week.  The violent storms in the Midwest seem to be calming down as the system moves East’; keep your fingers crossed. 
DC had to cope with heat-driven or manhole power outages in the Logan Circle, U-Street area yesterday, but all was OK by 8 PM or so. 

Update: June 4

The Center for American Progress reports all this in "A broken bargain for GLBT workeres" here.  It's interesting that the list of disparities doesn't mention the likelihood that in salaried environments, :LGBT workers may have to "work for free" more often.  I did sometimes.  

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