Friday, July 05, 2013

Many doctors, clinics promote fertility help for LGBT couples,

I’ve gotten some emails about LGBT fertility, even from PR firms representing doctors with services to sell.  There are loads of them that pop up with a simple search on the web, welcoming LGBT business.

I can’t promote any one doctor or clinic (out of objectivity), although any of them can advertise on the Internet or other media in the usual way.

My own feeling (especially for surrogacy) would be one of skepticism.  I would wonder about conceiving a baby with a woman who will not raise it, unless it’s case of a woman who cannot conceive herself the biological way. If a gay man is rich enough, he can afford surrogacy, but I wonder about the childrearing unless the mother stays in the picture. 

What about the “modern family” idea, where one of the mothers is part of a lesbian couple or a woman who will live with two gay men as Gabi plans to on “Days of our Lives” (with Will and Sonny).  Actually, that drama is taking an interesting course (just before a “shirtless” July 4 picnic) as one of Sonny’s previous boyfriends (Brent) is trying to get Sonny to back out of playing Dad for “other people’s children”.  But it’s pretty obvious what you can argue:  if Will and Sonny can marry, Sonny will be more committed. 
“Days” appears to be set in Ohio, which does not have gay marriage.  Maybe the soap can press the button by putting marriage into the script. In the mean time, Gabi and Nick are going to have their straight marriage annulled.  So much for stability. 

See TV blog, April 22, 2011(Elton John) and June 24, 2010. 

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