Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Activists quickly protest Bradley Manning's 35-year sentence; Obama administration might consider a pardon; many in Army seem somewhat sympathetic

WJLA is reporting Wednesday night of a spontaneous demonstration today supporting Bradley Manning after he received a 35-year sentence.

Right now, the most recent footage, though, at WJLA is a July 30 march from Dupont Circle to the White House.

Legal observers say that Manning could be out on parole in about ten years, based on time served.
The Obama administration says it will consider a request for a pardon in a manner commensurate with other requests.

And Assange reportedly has never said that any of the materials on Wikileaks, including the famous 40-minute “Collateral Murder” video (friendly fire deaths in Iraq) came from Manning.
Manning supporters say that the unusually harsh confinement of Manning before trial should justify a pardon.

Defense lawyers actually said that Manning’s struggling with gender identity issues and having to deal with the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy before its 2011 repeal, should be taken into consideration in assessing his conduct.

Others have said that the Army should have known that Manning’s instability should have led the Army not to give him a highly compartmentalized security clearance.

But I come from a history where homosexuality alone was a reason for denial of high clearances. As I learned at Pride this year, the CIA would dismiss gay employees until 1996. 

Update: Aug. 22

CNN is reporting that Bradley Manning will seek gender reassignment, and there is already legal controversy as to whether the Army is required to provide it as medical treatment in prison. She will call herself "Chelsea Manning". 

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