Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bradley Manning apologizes in sentencing hearing, but "gender identity" issues confuse the session

Bradley Manning apologized today as he spoke to the military court before sentencing.  He said he knows his leaking of classified information sometimes hurt people, including legitimate intelligence informants, even though he intended to expose the Army’s hurting people.

But Manning’s “gender identity” issues took up a lot of attention at his sentencing today.  There seems to be a confusing idea that his gender problems affected his judgment. 

The latest CNN report on the hearing, including important video (unfortunately not embeddable), is here
It may seem fortunate, as a matter of history, that the Manning matter did not receive as much attention in 2010 when the law repealing DADT was negotiated.
However, few gay men in the military have gender identity issues, which can be “linearly independent” of sexual orientation.  All transgendered people would be heterosexual within one of the two genders they express.   Most were heterosexual in their original gender.  In 1993, Scott Peck, on his talk show, interviewed a transgendered woman (after surgery) who had left the Navy after fifteen (heterosexual) years in intelligence, and who had taken a similar civilian job.  On the other hand, there are numerous gay men, including some in entertainment today,  who say they could have played professional sports (baseball and even football) had the environment been more hospitable.

Manning would have looked about like the Washington Senators’s Albie Pearson in the 1950’s, who at least drew a lot of walks.  

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