Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Free Fish" giveaway at "Gay NightOut at the Nationals II" as (baseball) Nationals beat the Miami Marlins (fish)

Tonight, I tried the Gay NightOUT at the Nationals II, with the event coordinated with the DC Series 2013, gay softball (link) . 
The special seats were sold out, so I bought a regular ticket.  But it was still OK to walk up to the picnic area to the left of the restaurant, and up an escalator, leading to the right field outfield seats. 

The Washington Nationals won a cliffhanger from the Miami Marlins, 2-1, a pitcher’s duel.  I thought, it would have been fun for the Nats to rub it in by playing the seven minute short film “Free Fish” by “Reid Rainbow” on the stadium video in the pregame.  The Marlins are often called “the fish” and they are in last place in the NL East.  I wonder what is involved in a team’s getting a (copyright) license to play commercial video or music in a pregame, probably the same as a disco’s.  There could be irony in this because the filmmaker himself grew up in south Florida before going to NY and LA.  By the way, the football team is Miami Dolphins (perfect record in 1972), and dolphins are not “fish”. They are mammals, cetaceans, second (if you include orcas) to humans in intelligence with their own biological Internet (sonar),  Marlins, however, are true "fish". 
I actually had a close in box seat ($80) near the “Fish” dugout.  A line drive foul flair off the bat of Bryce Harper barely missed me, over my head.  MLB always gives me the same seat.  The cookie remembers me too well. It’s called tracking.

The LGBT party was well over 500 feet from home plate, a safe distance even from Harper.

I’ll try to find the venues for the games Wed-Fri.  There is a closing night party Saturday at Town DC.
In Dallas, I actually played a little softball with the gay bar league in 1984 (on JR’s team).  I didn’t get to play a lot, but went 1 for 3 in one game.  I seem to remember we won a championship game 13-9 on the road, with each team getting 4 runs in the ninth.
I also recall there was a women’s game that year that went 15 innings and only ended when the visiting team scratched a run in the top of the 16th (4-3).
The team from Houston had a slow pitch ace who was absolutely unhittable and gave up at most one or two runs a game.  Well-pitched slow pitch with a high arc can be difficult to hit. 

There's been a lot of attention this year to the idea of major league sports accepting openly gay players, particularly following the military DADT repeal in 2011.  

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