Sunday, August 11, 2013

GLIL gathers in DC on Sunday afternoon; VA marriage ban under fire; Catholic schools impose DADT on teachers; HHS lobbied on blood donation ban; more on Putin

This isolated summer weekend in Washington (it always seems to be August) became a potpourri.
Sunday afternoon, some people from GLIL (Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty) gathered at the D.I.K. bar (formerly called Windows), on 17th St.  In the 1990’s I had edited its newsletter, the Quill, for two years, and then it met the first Tuesday of every month, usually at Trumpets, a downstairs bar and restaurant from the past. 

After I moved to Minneapolis (shortly after publishing my first book), I became involved with the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, which became quite active (with ballot access petitioning drives) for a while, until 9/11.  At an HRC dinner at the Minneapolis Convention Center shortly after 9/11, I met the reform “libertarianesque” governor Jesse Ventura in person.  I think he knows my story.  He’s appeared various times since then spouting conspiracy theories.

In the meantime, GLIL seemed to become less active.  But it has become challenging to remain libertarian in the post 9/11 world where liberty has to be viewed in tandem with real threats.
GLIL’s site is here. I have the impression that with GLIL, as many groups, it’s harder to maintain websites than it is for individuals to do their own.

I did talk about the recent threat to Section 230 (affecting Internet freedom of speech) today (I’ve covered it on my main blog.)

Last night, I tried a late summer Saturday night at Town DC.  The drag show was a little longer than usual, and the crowd slower at first, but suddenly around 12:30 PM the crowd was a packed as ever, and became much more “intimate”.

I like to hear 80’s and 90’s music in bars more than it is played.  I do hear some stuff that is in the Sirius XM “The Blend” in my car.   I’ve wondered how bars pay licenses to use music, either on the dance floor or in karaoke, if there are clearing houses to take care of the legal formalities, permissions, and royalty payment allocations to artists.  There’s more music that doesn’t get played that I think should. Just notice my comments on other blogs (particularly movies and “plays/music”).  There is music (and video) from “Modern Family” that would be a blast for the crowds, but I have yet to hear it in a bar.  I just don’t know what the situation would be to license it.  Back in 2001, it was common to hear ‘Nsync in bars (at least in the Saloon in Minneapolis.)

There is some political news.  There is talk of a lawsuit to overcome Virginia’s Marshall-Newman amendment prohibiting any legal recognition of same sex relationships in the commonwealt. (Yes, I remember GLIL’s position on marriage as a “private contract” and the 1996 piece “License Expired”.)

A teacher at a Catholic school in the LA area in California was fired after pictures of his same-sex marriage wedding were published in a “Valley” newspaper.  The Church sounds like “Russia”, or like the military under DADT.

And there are opinions expressed that Putin’s motives in Russia are more to identify as many enemies of Russian “nationalism” (like LGBT people, who don’t reproduce as much) as possible, to gather his authoritarian hold on power.  He is gay-baiting the way Hitler did with Jews in the 1930’s.

There is also a letter from some Senators to HHS’s secretary Sibelius encouraging the end of the male gay blood donation ban.

Oh, I played chess Friday night, at the Arlington Chess Club.  I lost with White, which is like losing at home in baseball,  I played about the way the Nationals played against the Braves when I went to the game earlier last week. 

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