Friday, August 30, 2013

IRS recognizes same-sex marriage regardless of where couple lives now; maybe gays will lobby against marriage penalty now

The media have widely reported that the IRS will fully recognize same-sex marriages, as long as the marriages were legal in the place of celebration, regardless of the state where the couple lives. That also means that a “marriage penalty” couple sometimes applies, which more often affects couples whose incomes are comparably equal – perhaps more common with young same-sex couples than whole heterosexual world. Look at the Wiki link here
Annie Lowrey has a typical story for the New York Times here
The Social Security Administration is still reported as using a “place of residence” standard for survivor benefits, unless it gets further instructions from Congress or the courts. The VA is not yet recognizing same-sex marriage at all, as recently reported.  
Update: later Friday, federal judge Consuelo Marshall in Los Angeles ruled that the Supreme Court DOMA ruling in June 2013 does apply to VA benefits, NBC news story here.

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