Monday, August 19, 2013

NJ Governor Christie signs law banning ex-gay conversions; Russians weigh in on anti-gay-speech law, often sound silly

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey (R), has signed into law a bill making New Jersey the second state (after California) to ban therapists from trying “conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy”.
Christie said that government must tread lightly in this area, but the felt that the practice was dangerous to minors.   He also said that, despite his Catholic faith, he disagrees with the Catholic Church on homosexuality, which he does not see as a sin and sees as immutable.
The ABC story  (from Angele Della Santi and the Associated Press) is (website url) here

Christie has not been supportive on full marriage equality however. 

On the matter of the Russian ban against displaying or speaking of “nontraditional” sexual behavior in front of minors, CNN aired some interviews of random people in Moscow.  Some opposed the law, but one female actually supported the law because it would lead to more happy families with more babies.  Yes, some people really think that way.
CNN ran a story about a bizarre interview given by Yelena Isinbayeva (she uses the word “boys” instead of “men” as if supporting underage heterosexuality, but she says she doesn’t know English), here.  The “reasoning” about the Russinas being “normal” when other peoples are not makes no sense.  (Somehow, I recall our singing Jean Sibelius’s “Onward Ye People’s” back in middle school chorus in the 1950’s.)
A small fundamentalist church in Alaska is reported to have thrown out the Boy Scouts after the BSA partially lifted its ban on gays.  The pastor has already decided for all time who will enter the Kingdom of God.   

Update: February 6, 2016

In New York State, Gov. Cuomo has signed an order banning conversion therapy for minors, CNN story

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