Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Russian parliament member invokes a "self-sacrificial" idea of morality when talking about gays and lesbians; protests will happen at Sochi

A lawmaker in Russia, reacting to the controversy over whether Russia would enforce its “anti-propaganda” law relating to homosexuality at the 2014 Winter Olympics, said that gays should be bannd from donating blood and organs  That sounds bizarre since a blood (and organ) donation ban on MSM has been in effect in the US since 1983 or so, and the US is finally considering ending it.
What followed was more disturbing. The Russian parliament member said that when they die, gays should be buried with dishonor, because they cannot come to the aid of other people with their own bodies.

That sounds like a bizarre, totalitarian view of morality (that a person owes his life to society on demand), but that is what we believed in the days that we had a military draft, during the Vietnam war. 

This was reported early this evening on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 show on CNN.
Greg Louganis was interviewed, and he said that in 1988, few people on the Olympic team would room with him.

Another speaker said that there will be massive protests in Russia against the law, forcing the Russian government’s hand, making it ugly.  Russia does not respond well to pressure. 

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