Thursday, September 05, 2013

Some National Guards object to same-sex marriage benefits; chess grandmaster talks about Russia's anti-gay law and Putin's behavior

Although the Pentagon seems to have come around on same-sex partner benefits, state National Guards may not always have done so, especially in Texas and Mississippi, according to a Washington Post article by Josh Hicks on p A17 Thursday.  Officials in those red states say that state laws preclude offering same-sex spousal benefits. It was unclear how much they had interfaced with the Pentagon. The online link is here.

On CNN Thursday morning, spokespeople from HRC and NGTF discussed the situation in Russia (and mentioned Uganda and Zimbabwe). Retired chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov gives a detailed interview on Putin’s behavior and the anti-gay law to the Huffington Post here. It’s interesting to see these comments from someone high in the world of FIDE international chess.   
The Washington Blade gives and account of President Obama's meeting with Russia's gay activists, story by Chris Johnson, here

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