Saturday, October 19, 2013

CA passes "modern family" law; NJ supreme court OK's gay marriage temporarily

California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a measure that would allow a child to have more than two legal parents.  A typical story appears on Verdict here. The measure may help same-sex couples or allow “modern family” situations.  In the recent episodes of the NBC Soap “Days of our Lives”, it’s possible for Gabi’s baby to wind up with three legal daddies (Will, Sonny, and Nick) except that the soap is not set in California (apparently Ohio).
CNN has made the point that the two-parent nuclear family came into being with the advent of agriculture, and that society may have to accept other formulations.  Yet, most domestic child abuse happens from males who are not biological fathers of the minors. 
The state supreme court in New Jersey has ruled that same-sex couples can marry effective Oct. 21, since the state’s appeal (ordered by Governor Christie) is not likely to prevail, CNN story here. The latest news (as of early 10//21) is that the GOP governor now says he will not appeal again and that the ruling will stay.

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