Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Christian" schools still expel gay students even on the basis of rumors (Rolling Stone)

Rolling Stone had published an article about Michele Bachman and the “neutral” but in practice anti-gay attitude of her school district (Anoka MN) in early 2012, and the Oct. 2013 issue of “Rolling Stone” continues with a long story by Alex Morris on p. 74, “The Hidden War Against Gay Teens”, link here
It seems shocking that at a time when a number of states can pass gay marriage legislation (or get it through the courts), and when the military “don’t ask don’t tell” policy has been lifted, blatant discrimination still continues in smaller private schools, which receive public fund through grants called SSO’s (Student Scholarship Organizations).
Morris tells the stories of a couple teens in rural Georgia Christian schools.  In one case, just before his senior year, someone outed the student to both the administration and parents.  The school made no attempt to investigate, but simply told the student he either had to leave, or attend class and associate with no one.  This does recall some of the course of my own lost semester at William and Mary in the fall of 1961. This sounds like the perversions of DADT when it was policy for the military. 

The attitude of the school reminds one of Vladimir Putin and Russia's anti-gay speech law.  People living in this culture assume that they have a right to grandchildren, and that their kids have a moral responsibility to procreate physically.  In an unequal world, that's all some people have. 
There are other stories of people being outed on Facebook and then being expelled. 

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