Sunday, October 27, 2013

Town DC holds largest Halloween costume contest ever

Saturday night, Oct. 26, 2013, the Town Discotheque did hold its Halloween Party dance upstairs, and it did appear to be the largest ever.  The upstairs dance floor was packed by 11:15.

This year, most people did have costumes.  I saw someone “impersonate” the Washington Nationals’s slugger Bryce Harper.  There was a pro tennis player (Federer?)  There was an angel, from the heavenly host, not necessarily immortal.

One of the more interesting was a jellyfish.  The guy didn’t know what the box jellyfish (off the coast of Australia) and why it is so dreaded.  But he got the point of being seen as “free fish”. There's something gross about the way a coelenterate lives and reproduces.   And, by the way, a jellyfish isn't a true "fish",  But neither is the "Blackfish" or orca.  
The costume contest on the upstairs stage was the largest ever, with an elaborate Miss Scarlet winning the applause vote.  The jellyfish did rather well.

I did notice someone from last year’s (Sandy-delayed) High Hells Race on the upstairs landing, perched above the dance floor for “forward observation”.  I think that the person was indeed JR’s Dave Perruzza, with a close up picture on this week’s “Metro Weekly” on p. 27, as well as the cover (where there is a metaphor of the movie “Carrie”).

This year, the High Heels Race is to be held Oct. 29, 2013 on 17th St near JR’s.    

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