Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Washington DC bars sponsor 27th High Heels Race tonight, mid-Halloween

Tonight the community held the 27th annual High Heels Race on 17th St. in Washington DC, between the Cobalt Dc and JR’s. 

For about two hours, the drag queens in costume milled around in the street, which could not even be crossed in the middle.  At 9 PM sharp, the ladies of the night raced down the street to the finish line. The crowd followed, rather like a Spanish procession on an Antnony Bourdain Parts Unknown. 

The restaurants were all packed and could not even be entered.  The only places left to eat were a Submarine shop and a McDonald’s. 

There were plenty of dopplegangers for the Carrie girl, who all looked a bit alike. But the rest of the costumes seemed almost ceremonial, Catholic, Orthodox, something you see on the continent. I was struck by the number of men in the crowd who were as tall as the ladies with just loafers on.

Major media outlets were in evidence, with fully equipped trucks from the local television stations. WJLA reported that the attendance was at least 10,000 to probably 15,000.  

The heels are very high.  The real men still are taller than the gals.   

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