Sunday, November 10, 2013

Steve Grand performs at Town Discotheque in Washington DC

Saturday night, November 9, 2013, the Town Discotheque in Washington DC (at 8th and U Sts NW) presented Steve Grand, 23, whose “All American Boy” video went viral in the summer of 2013 (see the Drama blog, July 20, 2013).  Steve's website is here

Grand performed on a Moze electronic piano and sang downstairs starting at about 11:30 PM, after the drag show, and emphasized mostly 1970s songs.  He then performed on the stage upstairs at about 12:30 AM.  There were some technical difficulties upstairs.

One of the songs was “Stay with me:” I recall a song from around 1973 called “Dancing in the Moonlight”, which has nothing to do with Reid Ewing’s “In the Moonlight (Do Me”) for “Modern Family”. 

Afterwards, we got to meet him in person.

There was also a birthday cake on the downstairs stage.  Was this Steve’s birthday?  Curiously, Nov. 7 was “Reid Rainbow’s” birthday (25, car rental age) according to Wikipedia.  All Scorpio.   
The crowd was as dense as ever, since the event had some publicity.  It built up very quickly.

Because of the expected crowd, I used Metro.  When leaving, around 1:15 AM, I still found it impossible to find a cab in the area, despite DC’s recent change to forcing cabs to mark themselves as “for hire” or “on call”.  

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