Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Duck" and free anti-gay speech; a warm Christmas weekend in the clubs

I did indeed find the reported anti-gay and apparent racist comments by “Duck Dynasty” Phil Robertson shocking.  I do understand the free speech arguments, as well as A-and-E’s right as a private entity to make and enforce a contract with its producers.
The problem is that speech like this sometimes incites others into criminal activity.  I have to say that even as I believe in the concept of “personal responsibility”.  Although not likely, someone like me could someday be on the receiving end of an act like that, and it could be over for me.  There is a point where something like this becomes a threat.
It’s noteworthy that Cracker Barrel, once notorious for its own anti-gay employment policies from the early 1990s, pulled Duck’s products from its “Ole Country Store” businesses that dot our interstates. (Note: More recent reports late Sunday indicate that Cracker Barrel reversed itself and restored the products.)
More important, is to ask where Robertson’s ideas come from?  God? Scripture?  Is he motivated by the need to feel superior to someone (me) and enforce his domination?  Is he motivated by the idea that whatever is different becomes a potential enemy?  Probably this is all true.  Is he motivated by some train of thought?  That gets more troubling.  Maybe he believes every adult should share in the responsibility of raising the next generation. Maybe he thinks that someone less competitive physically (like me) “gets out of things” and depends on others to sacrifice and take risks for him.  Maybe he would see my own “Calvinistic” attitude toward forming attachments toward others (within a family-centered context) as morally problematic, although I doubt his thinking gets this refined.  (See main blog, Dec. 15).  In any case, it’s hard to see what his “thinking” would add up to as anything logically meaningful.

On another matter:  Last night was an unusually mild evening for Christmas season.  The Town crowd seemed a little smaller than usual but was vigorous. The disco did not decorate for Christmas, but the drag queens dressed up as Santa and then as Christmas trees. 
I wonder if all the real estate construction nearby (next to the 930 Club) means anything.  I hadn’t paid attention to it before. 

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