Tuesday, December 03, 2013

UK newspaper, Sport Lobster both report on more openly gay athletes

More Olympic and potentially professional male athletes are announcing that they are gay publicly, according to a big article by Adam Sherwin in the British news site “Independent” with a story about track medalist Tom Daley, link here

Other stars are rugby player Gareth Thomas, former Washington Wizards NBA star Jason Collins (who has not found a team), cricket player Stephen Davies, United football player Robbie Rogers, and skater John Curry.
Yup, we wait to hear about this in some US sports, like hockey and Major League Baseball.  The major league franchisers are all coming on board with non-discrimination policies.  Think Progress has a big story July 16, 2013 here (MLB's own link is here). Inevitably, we will hear more announcements, especially in the US.  There are some gifted men who did not go into sports because of an implicit "ban" in the past.  But years ago, Dave Kopay wrote a book about being gay (and in the closet) in the NFL. 
I did get an email press release about Daley from Sport Lobster, and there's blog post of the release here

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