Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Utah's gay marriage case: a nice domino roll for other states? What about Marshall-Newman in Virginia?

Utah’s sudden development on gay marriage may be the biggest domino to fall, in getting other conservative states to follow, according to a “liberal” Washington Post story Christmas Eve by Niraj Chokshi and Carol Morello, link here
The federal judge (Robert Shelby) refused to delay his own ruling, and the 10th Circuit also refused a stay, so gay marriages in Salt Lake City run track. 
The Washington Blade has a brief analysis by Chris Johnson on the 10th Circuit’s possibilities here
I recall meeting with the late Steve Snyder from William and Mary GALA around 2006 about Marshall-Newman, which may soon come under legal challenge in Virginia, as some cases are building, as reported by the Blade.  I’ll come back to these cases later. 

The Post story referred to “mormonsandgays” with a discussion of the Church’s more updated teaching that sexual orientation itself could be immutable, but acting on homosexual interest is a sin. That would beg the question, why should some people be singled out for such a personal sacrifice?  Yet, religion often stresses that different people are called upon to make varied and seemingly unjust sacrifices for the welfare of the group (the Vatican says that).  A year or so ago, ABC Nightline covered a Mormon family where the husband had told his wife he was gay but the wife honored his willingness to “sacrifice” is deepest sexual or personal longings for God.  That’s a challenging view of morality.   The major group for gay Mormons is “Affirmation”.   (There is a site called “gays and Mormons” that sends back “Come back soon”).  

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