Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On "Days", Sonny (after being waxed) proposes to Will, first ever in soap?

So today, on “Days of our Lives”, Sonny asked Will the question, “Will you marry me?”  He even bought a ring.

The episode was the second in which Guy Wilson appeared, replacing Chandler Massey as Will, who is supposed to be about 20.  Guy’s facial features look a little older than that, and he has less obvious physical swagger and external trappings.  But the character Will Horton plays the ultimate idea of the alpha male in nature:  Will can get another male as well as a female to help support and raise his daughter. Will, ironically, uses homosexuality to give his own genes a favorable future.  Wolves and lions do that.

The episodes were actually filmed in August, and there may have been some intervening days.  Nevertheless, Will suddenly lost his chest hair after learning of Nick’s death while “in the closet”, leading shortly to the marriage scene.

From the references (in the past, to some towns on a highway 13), the soap seems to take place in Ohio, which does not recognize gay marriage (but it refers to Statesville, which is in North Carolina).

I think Nick Fallon will re-emerge alive, to everyone’s shock.  We want Blake Berris back.

Here’s the proposal scene, link 

This seems to be the first soap opera with gay marriage in the US.   Maybe “Revenge” will try it with the super-nerd Nolan.  In New York State, it works.  

Update: Jan 16

Will's reaction was "Wow", and then "No", and then "Maybe".  Will says he wants to get married only once in his life, unlike his parents.

I do agree with the comment that Guy Wilson looks more like a son of Lucas and Sami than Chandler did.

Near the end of the episode, Will and Sonny were in bed together.  Maybe Freddie (Sonny) had to get waxed to match the new Will ("thmooth", like Lucas).  But that's like Ashton Kutcher's getting waxed in order to match a stunt man in "The Killers".   

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