Saturday, February 01, 2014

Given many state "no promo homo laws" in the schools, is US reaction to Russia and Putin hypocritical?

Ian Ayres and William Eksridge have an important story in the Washington Post today, in which they point out that American criticism of Russia’s “no promo homosexual law” is a bit hypocritical concerning that many states have such laws for their school systems.  A couple even insist on teaching that homosexuality is a crime.
The basic link is here.
There is a bit of a difference, in that the American state laws are confined to schools and don’t involve demonstrations or publications. (But COPA-like laws a few years ago could have provided a scare.) 
There is something disingenuous in believing that you have to manipulate the population into doing what you want (having more children or bigger families) by withholding reputable scientific information, even in the school systems. 

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