Sunday, February 23, 2014

Russia's Putin becomes the pin-up at a DC disco party

Saturday night the Cobalt Club in Washington DC held a whimsical “CTRLympics Closing Ceremony”.  The dance floor had ribbons, medals, and placer lights, the five Olympic rings (in rainbow colors), and the portrait of Valdimir Putin all over the place. The club has a link for the event here. 

Downstairs a professional photographer from Kalorama (Adams Morgan) set up a little studio for men to pose with the effigy picture of Putin.

Upstairs, there was a little show where patrons could throw certain objects into a torn opening in the area of Putin’s mouth.

Putin was rather cute at age 25 as a young KGB trainee.  In his fifties, he has a famous shirtless pic on the web, as indicated by this Huffington Post link here. His chest is absolutely hairless, and I really think that’s natural.  But he would fit well into David Skinner’s June 21, 1999 Weekly Standard article “Notes on the hairless man: Today's American male is distinctly boyish”, link here.  Russian males are even more boyish, especially aging heads of state/  Articles at Huffington call Putin a "body worshipper".  

Rather than have Putin’s headshot pinups all over the bar, why not go for the entire body?    
Update" Feb. 24

Uganda's president signed the anti-gay bill into law today.  I covered it on the International Issues blog.  

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