Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ethiopia to pass anti-gay law; Indian Supreme Court refuses to overthrow sodomy law; Zimbabwe joins anti-gay rhetoric, attacks the childless

Ethiopia is preparing to pass a law making homosexual behavior "non-pardonable", according to an Associated Press story appearing Saturday in the Washington Post, link here.

And in Foreign Affairs, March-April 2014, Ira Trivedi, on p. 21, writes about a ruling by the Supreme Court in India overruling a lower court ruling decriminalizing homosexual relations, link   As with Africa, although not as severely, British colonialism helped set up anti-gay cultural attitudes in Indida.

Update: May 31

The Washington Blade is now reporting vehmenet anti-gay rhetoric from Zimbabwe predient Robert Mugabe, to arrest those who don't have children (link) and also saying that gays and lesbians don't have human rights because they do "unhuman things".  (So do many other animals; that's biological fact.)   On the jailing people for infertility, it's hard to imagine how politicians feel so free to say things that would seem to just be making fools of themselves. 

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