Sunday, March 09, 2014

New book "Gays in the military" presents a photographic record

Photographer Vincent Cianni has a new book "Gays in the Military", available on Amazon April 30, 2014.  In the Sunday New York Times he has a collection of black and white photographs from the book, with the link here.

I'm not sure I get the point of the tattoos on the hairy calves in the first photo.

Some of the photos are published on pages 6-7 of the Review section of the Sunday New York Times.

The online interview has an interview of Cianni by Nathaniel Frank (author of "Unfriendly Fire", review on the Book Reviews blog, March 11, 2009). Cianni explains how he came into a space where he saw the military ban as an important issue;  he had always been opposed to most military action and to the idea of military service as an important aspect of society.

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