Monday, March 03, 2014

"Trail Life" splits off Boy Scouts in order to have gay exclusion policy

Some parents who are unhappy with the Boy Scouts decision to admit open gay scouts (but not adult counselors) have formed their own group, Trail Life USA.  Norman Merchant has an AP story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune here. The story gives the narrative of a family near Fort Worth, TX, where a teenager has to face trying to become an Eagle Scout or, under pressure from his fundamentalist father, join the anti-gay group.  The article has a picture that shows members giving what looks like a Nazi salute. Trail Life’s own Membership Standard makes interesting reading, link here.  Ponder the personal sacrifice involved in the idea that any sexuality outside of traditional marriage is wrong, or the idea that membership is inclusive of those who do not violate this standard or encourage others to violate it (doesn’t that sound like Putin’s “non-traditional sexual relations).  Some of this is about eventual openness to parenthood – with having your own children if at all possible.  Remember, though, some of this ideology is strictly faith-based, the idea of accepting a religious teaching out of a “scripture” without having to rationalize it with full intellect. 
Of course, libertarian principles suggest that parents have the right to do this, but it can put their kids in a horrible position later in life.  Parents are sometimes used to the idea that they can bring up their sons to be part of a patriarchy, and that idea may even seem essential to their own marriages. 
Disney will stop supporting the BSA because of the remaining ban on gay adult scout leaders.  

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