Thursday, April 17, 2014

Openly gay prospective candidate for Washington DC is independent to libertarian?

Is DC openly gay potential (but unannounced)  candidate for mayor of Washington DC, running as an Independent, and formerly a Republican, really libertarian, or reformist in the Jesse Ventura sense?  The Washington Post article today doesn’t really say (link).  NBC4 has a story about endorsement from the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund here.

Although that possibility could make sense, that an independent could take on a Michael Bloomberg style of governing, since gay rights is obviously good for business now. But remember, Bloomberg has tried to restore the nanny state in NYC with limits on the sizes of pop servings. 
I haven’t heard much from GLIL about this candidate yet, but I probably will.
I don’t see any statement from Log Cabin Republicans, but I do see a Huffington Post article about the growth of approval of gay marriage in the GOP voter base, link.

It’s a ways down the pike yet. 

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