Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday weekend, more talk about deterioration of LGBT life overseas, wondering about asylum

OK, Town DC had a birthday party last night, I guess in preparation for Palm Sunday, or maybe Tax Tuesday.  But one of the drag queens made a lookback to the “Lady in the Radiator” from the world of David Lynch.(wiki)
As often the case, the dance floor upstairs starts to get really lively around 12:30 AM.  "In Heaven, everything is fine" and that means go upstairs.  

On Sunday, I made it out to MCC Northern Virginia (also mentioned today on the drama and music blog). Afterward, we had a brunch at a local sports bar (“Buffalo Wings University”) in Fairfax Virginia. 

I asked the pastor if there had been any talk yet about the possible repercussions of the severe anti-gay laws passed overseas – the worst in Nigeria and Uganda.  There was at least some discussion of whether asylum requests could become related to sponsors in the US (or Canada or other western countries), in comparison to the course of the “Cuban refugee crisis” in 1980 which was a big deal in Dallas.  It’s all preliminary and tentative.  The State Department hasn’t said much yet.  It does seem that in Russia, as whole there are relatively few arrests, and the biggest problem seems to be the incitement of targeting and violence.  Nigeria and Uganda are a step worse.  But anti-gay attitudes are common in “primitive” or poor countries.    

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