Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hippo in Baltimore has gay prom; NFL team drafts openly gay player; more on the past of DADT

The Hippo in Baltimore, MS held a “senior prom” Saturday night.  The dance floor was reasonably full by the time I arrived, at 11:30 PM, possibly with the help of the Maryland Film Festival in the area.

The music during the evening featured an unusually percussive form of hip-hop. 

A man, wondering about by Sunfish cap (a souvenir from my submarine visit in Norfolk in May 1993 when I was preparing to write on the debate on gays in the military) spoke to me mentioning that he was in the Army at Fort Meade and had a boyfriend in the Navy.  He wouldn’t have said that three years ago, probably.  He thanked me for my Army service in 1968-1970 (which had started at Fort Jackson).  I did say that I think that ordinary Americans have more to fear from terrorists and cyvercriminals than the NSA.

Late Saturday, the media announced the 7th round draft pick in the NFL by the Saint Louis Rams of openly gay player Michael Sam, the first draft in history. 

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