Sunday, May 25, 2014

"The Tribe": video clubs in the upper Appalachian South

Cities vary as to how their “club scene” comes off.  My favorite places around the country are probably The Saloon in Minneapolis, the Roundup (even though I’m not a CW person) and the Station 4 in Dallas, and probably the Scorpio in Charlotte.  In NYC, “Therapy” (in Hell’s Kitchen) works best for me.  Smaller towns have some interesting spots, like the Lodge near Hagerstown MD (on top of the Blue Ridge).

The Tribe in Nashville, TN, (link ) on the narrow Church St, is easy to find (the straight bars are at the other end of that street, nearer the funky ATT skyscraper), and looks generous in space when you walk in, with various bars and lounges.  But it is video only, no dance floor apparent, and rather repetitious music. (The old Boom on the East Bank in Minneapolis comes to mind.)   The valet parking is quite efficient.   Apparently bars close early in TN, at 1 AM.  I think a relatively early last call with after hours for dancing is still a good idea.  (It was like that in Minneapolis until the last call was extended to 2 AM in 2003.)

The name of the bar reminds me of the Cleveland Indians baseball team, and of Charles Murray’s idea of eusociality.  The bar owns another property in Louisville, KY (I know someone in Evansville, but have only passed through Louisville once that I can recall.)

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