Sunday, May 18, 2014

TownDC does major construction (outdoor patio?), making opening drag show very packed

In Washington DC, in the U Street Corridor, the Town Danceboutique ("Town-DC") is doing some new construction,  The coat check has been moved into what used to be a lower level lounge area, so that (according to what I was told last night), a new outdoor area can be built in a lot that faces the Florida Ave. side.  Outdoor areas are popular now, since smoking is banned indoors in establishments in most large cities.  The Station 4 in Dallas has a huge outdoor dance area, for example.  (And, no, I don't want to notice who smokes.)

As a result, the downstairs area was super-crowded last night, and it was almost impossible to move.

So the upstairs dance floor opened earlier than usual and filled up quickly.  At around midnight, there was line, apparently to meet Ben DeLaCreme from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Still, the drag show downstairs had some real moments.  Lena (I think it was) revealed all at one point. There was a birthday lineup, and this week most of the people with birthdays were women.

EC Eagle's Twitter feed suggests an opening in the new space on Benning Road NE late summer or earky Fall (link). .  When a club loses a lease, it seems like it is an enormous challenge to get going again.  A lot of links on the web are old and talk about the cllosed NY Avenue location, even Yelp.

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