Friday, May 09, 2014

Vox hire of a "gay conservative" writer stirs controversy in other media

Here we go with more controversy over politically incorrect, or perhaps antagonistic, speech in the gay community, with the protests over Vox Media and Ezra Klein’s hiring of Brandon Ambrosino, as in this piece in The American Prospect, here. AmericaBlog called him “Falwell loving” in this piece.

Or try this critique on Media Matters, here. His having gone to Liberty University certainly affected his views.  His idea of “post equality” may ring for me in a certain psychological sense  -- because it causes new demands to be made on people who had previously led double and separate lives.  But, as the article points out, it’s hardly an accurate characterization of America as a whole today.

It’s even more ironic right now for me to read this, because Monday I made a quasi-business trip to Lynchburg, not over Falwell, but to report on a homeland security issue (see Issue blog, May 6).  I saw Falwell’s name all over town, but I rather chuckled whenever I saw it.

I still remember a silly sermon that Falwell gave in Irving, TX in 1983 (when I was living in Dallas) where he linked “Herpes and AIDS” as if they were the same thing.

Friday, the New York Times has an important story by Kirk Johnson on the progress of the Boy Scouts: “Compromise on Scouts pleases no one, Scouts are learning”, link here.  The story is set near Seattle. Dismissals of gay leaders continue, but Scouts say they don’t “ask” and don’t listen to rumors.  

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