Saturday, June 07, 2014

Capital Pride, while big, starts on time and has few surprises

Capital Pride 2014 featured a nearly three hour parade, following the same route as previous years, starting right on time at 4:30 PM. 

Along P St, from 17th to 14th, crowds filled in; yet eateries along the way were able to offer some seats. 

As I approached the start of the march at Dupont Circle, I found chess games going on as usual on the north side of the park.  I watched a game that seemed to have started as an Alapin Sicilian.  As I watched, White’s attack was an optical illusion, and Black was forcing the trade down to a favorable endgame.  I then turned attention to the parade.

With the parade ending early, the JR’s block party started a little early.  I noticed that very few people smoked in this outdoor area, in great contrast to how things were in the 1970s. By 8:45 PM, before dark, the Cobalt, a few blocks up 17th, was filling up. I did not have to pay a cover at either place.  Dancing upstairs at the Cobalt started early, before 9 PM.  It got festive and intimate quickly. That’s the nice thing about Pride, the dancing always starts early.
Note the float for "The Lodge", a dance floor on South Mountain about Hagerstown, MD.

The general appearance of the people is a rather clean-cut.  For example, I didn't see many tattoos in the crowd, although there was a body-art booth along the route. 

Also, at the south entrance to Dupont Circle Saturday afternoon, just where the Parade started,, DC Brass Band was playing.  (I had mentioned it on Dec 21, 2012 on my Drama Blog.)

Weather as perfect, low 80s and low humidity.

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