Sunday, June 29, 2014

NYC Pride March seems to be "the greatest of all time"

The Gay Pride Parade in New York City was probably the longest I’ve ever watched even part of.  It was to step off at noon at 36th St and Fifth Avenue.  I tried “The Avenue” but went down to the Village.  Cops would not let people watch on the narrowest Village streets,  At 4:30 PM, the floats were still coming at 14th and 5th Avenue.  There was a float for Gay Palestinians, a float protesting infant male circumcision as non-consensual, and both Google and Yahoo! had huge floats.  There was a Gay Nerds group, and a New York Life float.   I wonder how I would feel about marching in a parade for an employer.  That wasn’t on the table in my days.
Weather was clear and dry, with an unusual East ocean breeze.  At one point, the lady whose voice represents the lovergal character for AMC Amazing (Theaters) appeared.

My first march was the “Christopher Street Liberation Day” in 1973.  I marched with the Ninth Street Center, and sometimes GANNJ,   In 1978, I followed the March by playing for Boots and Saddle in a softball game on Leroy Street.  In the bottom of the third, I came up with the bases loaded and two outs.  I looped a single to left, driving in two runs.  Six more runs scored that inning, and “we” won, 13-4.

In fact, the Yankees played on Sunday night, hosting the Boston Red Sox  and losing 8-5.  That was partly for ESPN TV, but also to avoid a conflict with a huge Pride event.  In Chicago, the Cubs played a double header with the Washington Nationals and lost the doubleheader to the Nats Saturday, because Chicago Pride was held today near Wrigley Field

In fact, I had a $300 set behind homeplate last night at Yankee Stadium, so this was a good time for NYC Pride, and for Amtrak.  I sat by a young man who was rabid for the Yankees, but became intrigued as I followed the Nats and the Cubs on my smart phone (even through a rain delay, with the phone showing the severe thunderstorms in Chicago, while East Coast weather was perfect).

I took a break from the Parade and played some speed chess at the Marshall Chess Club.  I lost three out of four to a master but won one game nicely with White against a Kings Indian, following Larry Kramer’s book (July 2012, Books blog). 

Julius’s, on 10th Street, was so crowded you couldn’t get in.  People seemed to be going into the Monster.  In Hells Kitchen, the Therapy had a nice dance party (full early), and the people here seemed to be more “festive” than in DC.   

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