Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Obama to sign XO protecting federal contractors; a visit to the site of the Loving case of 1967 (relevant to marriage rights today in VA?)

Just as I was leaving for a day trip Monday, HRC tweeted and texted that President Obama will sign an executive order protecting employees of federal contractors (the so-called “beltway bandits”) from sexual orientation discrimination.  The HRC story link us here

The purpose of the day trip was to view the site where the interracial Loving couple had lived when they were arrested in 1958 after having married in Washington DC and moved back to Virginia.  This became Loving v. Virginia, in which the Supreme Court overturned state miscegenation laws in 1967, using arguments about fundamental rights and equal protection that are at least tangentially relevant to the gay marriage case and appeal in Virginia now.
I drove down a one-lane road, county 625 (in Caroline County), along the border of Fort A. P. Hill, past isolated homes where people obviously want to be left alone (and probably defend their Second Amendment rights).  The Loving’s lived near the intersection of 625 and 630, in an unincorporated town called Center Point.  Ten miles to the east is Bowling Green, the hometown for Fort Hill.
There is a church, and a couple of older buildings.  One of these kept throwing a “ghost” in the picture – and I’m sure I stood out of the car and did not take it through a rolled up window.  The lavender color from the Nikon shot is appealing.  The only natural explanation I can see is the Sun to the west.  Two different cameras gave the poltergeist effect.

The home of the Lovings was probably to the west of the cemetery.  

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